Soft, loose curls are glamorous and even a bit playful. Add a deep side part with side-swept bangs for a touch of drama. For a glamorous holiday hairstyle, opt for soft curls with smooth definition or the latest Roman style. Straight, smooth silky hair that radiates elegance and self assurance, whatever your choice, Pinkies offers it using professional salon products and the best tools and                                         implements. All starting at only KD 6 and up. >> Read More


Relax and enjoy the premium spa hair removal services that include post treatment to refine your skin. We proudly offer: Sheera (sugaring), Indian Waxing, Waxing and Threading. Mix and match your hair removal selections for the perfect effect. Pinkies Nail Design and Spa guarantees you'll be 100% satisfied with our services. >> Read More


Relax on our top-of-the-line massage bed covered in 100% cotton and surrounded by candles, soft music, and aromatherapy scents while our professional masseuse releases the stresses and tension of your life with her specialized techniques…… in the comfort of your own abode. Then, enjoy green tea or cappuccino and savor the feeling………  >> Read More


Take your relaxation and body renewal to a different level with Pinkies invigorating body treatments. These treatments offer serene body sensations with the finest scrubs, creams and lotions in the world. Each treatment is accompanied by a serving of green tea extremely high in anti-oxidant content that promotes ultimate skin hydration,  >> Read More


Henna is a plant best known for its use to color and condition the hair naturally. The henna plant grows in warm climates and the leaves from the plant are crushed and made into a paste. It is then used to create your very own unique skin design, wherever you desire.
starting at KD3/hand   >> Read More


Pinkies creates a luxurious over - the - top spa atmoshere ar your home for little princesses, tenns & ladies of every age for birthdays, get-togethers and celebrations.  >> Read More


Expect STAR treatment when it comes to the quality of our products, cleaning and professional specialists. Choose from quick pick-me-ups to our most relaxing, luxurious and nourishing treeatments - all in the comfort of YOUR home. >> Read More


Experience pure luxury by indulging in our professional Dr. Renaud facials while being surrounded by beautiful music, flowers, candles, and fresh scents. Then to top it all off, we massage your face and neck and provide you with refreshing green tea. After our relaxing facials, you'll feel like you've just been given a new, softer face. >> Read More

Gift Certificates available and can be delivered!
**Minimum 10kd charge for Home Service - some restrictions apply.

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